CNC Turning Center

Rigid Foundation

Machine is built on a single piece 45 degree slant bed casting. The base design is optimized using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to provide best machining capability. The cast components are duly stress relieved and artificially seasoned. The single piece structure provides improved and uniform thermal stability, while the FG 260 grade casting provides nearly 10 times better dampening capacity than fabricated structure. The single piece cast base gives more rigidity, good surface finish, high accuracy and precise repeatability for many years. Due to the guide ways being closer to the spindle centerline, the guide ways experience much lesser reaction force than competitor's models for the same cutting force resulting in better rigidity and longer guide way life and lesser damage in the event of accidents.

Head Stock

SANDS turning centers are equipped with a massive head stock housing in cast iron The special heat dissipation tin design on head stock eliminates heat from spindle bearings and increases bearing life, spindle accuracy . Also these fins act as mechanical ribbing increasing rigidity.


Spindle is precision machined from high quality alloy steel. Spindle is case hardened & stabilized to get maximum wear resistance, life time accuracy & zero deformation. Spindle assembly has five large P4 class angular contact match paired imported bearings (3nos on front & 2 nos on rear) to achieve maximum rigidity & precision. All bearings are of same size which results in better rigidity.

Motion Control

SANDS CNC machines are equipped with large diameter imported ball screws and imported re-circulating ball type Linear motion guide ways (L.M. guide ways) for both X & Z axes. Ball screws are preloaded and inspected for 100% parallelism to axis guide. Premium quality German / Japanese makes of ball screws / LM guide ways from world's top manufacturer's are only used on our machines to achieve high accuracy & longer life. The company also has in — house facilities for repair and refurbishment to increase life and postpone replacement of these elements. This is provided as a service to our customers.


The hydraulically operated tailstock is mounted on V & flat guide ways. The tailstock quill is Hard chrome plated to prevent corrosion due to prolonged exposure to coolant. Quill is actuated through a hydraulic cylinder. The whole tailstock assembly is manually movable for positioning.


SANDS turning centers are equipped with Pragathi make Electro mechanical 8 station bi - directional tool turret as standard. It takes shortest path to save indexing time. We can also provide other makes and types of turrets (hydraulic /electromechanical / servo) like Golden Sun / Baruffaldi / Duplomatic / Sauter as optional. * Linear tooling optional with SLT— 135.

Fanuc 01 Mate TD / Siemens 828 D Control System Features

  •  Manual data input
  •  2 axes simultenious interpolation
  •  Part program storage & editing
  •  Constant surface speed control
  •  Feed rate override
  •  Circular interpolation
  •  Thread cutting cycle
  •  Direct drawing dimension programming
  •  Absolute / Incremental Programming
  •  PCMCIA card slot on front panel
  •  Backlash compensation
  • Graphic simulation
  • Electronic hand wheel (MPG)
  •  8.4" color TFT display
  • Run hour display
  •  Part count


12 station turret
Hydraulic turret
Voltage stabiliser
Tailstock with built in center
Bar feeding attachment
Bar puller
Collet chuck
Chip conveyor
Hyd. steady rest (on select models)
Programmable tailstock
Patrol Lamp
Higher spindle power
Fully tooled - up machine


8 Station bi-directional turret
Hydraulic chuck and actuator
Hydraulic tail stock
Hydraulic powerpack
A C spindle motor
AC servo axes motors
Precision ball screws
Precision linear motion guideways
Coolant tank with rear chip tray
Isolation transformer
Machine lamp
Panel Air conditioner
Mounting pad